Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Convictions for Sandy Incident

I’ve been delinquent in my posting over the past months. And while I started up (yes, for the second time) in March with some fervor, it seemed to fade yet again, as it has a nasty habit of doing. (Perhaps part of the issue is that I give my motivation its own distinct persona which allows it to make up its own mind as to when it feels like showing up for a good day at the office.) In any case, I return with a renewed sense of vigor.

While I’ve been ‘away’, the Michael Sandy case has come to what seems to be some sort of a legal conclusion. Although not all of the defendants have been tried or sentenced, there is a definite inevitability to the remaining procedures. And Michael’s parents have held a vigil at Plumb Beach, mentioned quickly as part of a quiet article in the Times’ Metro section last Sunday.

In summary, the details that came out in the trial are remarkable similar to the initial narrative that rapidly unfolded in the days after the crime. It is a fascinating compact narrative that draws one (or me, at least – for reasons – see here) farther into speculation regarding the lives of the perpetrators as does it lead to viewing Michael as more than his final acts of bravery despite his victimization.

I’ll link to some press accounts. But here’s how my curiosity draws the tale:

It’s evening and three Brooklyn guys are hanging out, drinking beer and talking. Maybe they’re boasting, maybe they’re scheming. And maybe, as Anthony Forunato’s lawyer suggests, one of them (Fortunato) was planning something more personal. So now they’re online, and trying to find a man – to attack, to rob, to rob then attack, or perhaps - under the pretense of violence - a pawn for the purpose of Fortunato's coming out. And while the developing scenario is improbable, with its convoluted presumptions of the actions and conversations that will lead to Fortunato’s revelation, or simply the potential for criminal gain or the expression of building rage, the internal logic of the evening seems to indicate that muddled thinking and conflicting agendas would be par for the course.

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