Friday, March 23, 2007

In and Out of the News

If you think the name Plumb Beach is at all familiar, you most likely recall the story not very long ago about Michael Sandy. Michael was chased from the Plumb Beach parking lot onto the Belt Parkway and into traffic where he was hit by a motorist and then robbed by his assailants. This obviously tabloid-ready incident was made all the more irresistible by the fact that he was lured to the spot by several teens who had been lurking in gay chat rooms trying to pick up guys (for the purpose of robbing them) who they thought would be easy marks, afraid or unable to fight back or reluctant to report the assault to the police.
Michael was their (hopefully) last victim.
In any case, this has largely been forgotten (which is an entire commentary in and of itself.) And most folks have let Plumb Beach slip out of their consciousness (if it ever resided there) and out of their memory all together. Plumb Beach has, through the years, developed a significant forgotten history of crime and violence. It also has a significant history which encompasses story lines that wrap around and through the narrative of New York City, and dare I say, our country itself.
Stick around. Let's explore.

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